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Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer financial and emotional support to each individual child and family with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) with compassionate guidance, and delivery of therapies or services of that family’s choice.

We are dedicated to raising awareness of ASD by offering education for those in our community interested, we do this through providing information regarding a number of the treatments and services available.

We also offer support to Wisconsin families of children with autism through meetings, conferences, social outings, and networking parents-to-community, and parent-to-parent resources.

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Kids That Buy Fake IDs

There are plenty of websites like that sell fake IDs online openly these days. But not every ID is legit looking and of high quality. It is easy to get scammed and never receive the original novelty ID product. These fakes are popular among American kids with autism and without, so they can easily go out with friends for drinks. Often even pros can't tell legit and fake apart - Drinking is an imperfect coping strategy, but possessing a fake ID can be classified as felony or misdemeanor. It is a slippery slope for the vulnerable youth.